Snappy Fax


For 20 years, businesses around the world have trusted Snappy Fax to automate fax processing, integrate with practice management systems and manage their fax documents.

Change Log

If you are curious about what was changed in a particular build of Snappy Fax, refer to the change log below.  Note that the change log does not contain entries prior to build of Snappy Fax Desktop/Client and of Snappy Fax Server.  The change log for Snappy Fax Lite Edition had not previously been included but is now included as well.

Snappy Fax Desktop Change Log

  • Created a new settings category “Printer Driver Override”.  This should not be used unless you are running in a Citrix environment.  The Citrix environment may thwart the normal printer driver processing when printing to the “snappy fax printer”.  This option provides a workaround to that problem.
  • Fixed non-critical problem with deleting rubber stamps, etc. from annotations.
  • On the Image Viewer, annotations can now be deleted by pressing the delete key as well as using the delete button in the annotations ribbon group.
  • Fixed a minor problem with the navigator’s folder population at startup.
  • Added a check at startup to check the Fax Host configuration entry.  If blank, the user is alerted to fix the issue before startup continues.  Only applies if using Snappy Fax as a client to the fax server.
  • On the “Prepare Fax Job” screen, a check was added if the user types in a non-existent file name when the “Load From File…” button is clicked.
  • Fixed the memory used displayed on the About window.
  • The default configuration value for use ribbon style (under general settings) has been changed to false.  Using the ribbon style might result in a more pleasant display but causes the startup load to be slower.
  • Some first-time run behavior was undesirable.  If a test fax was being sent then the nag dialog was displayed over the progress view and if receive mode at startup was selected on the express setup screen, starting receive mode was attempted prematurely, before the test fax completed.  These issues have been fixed.
  • After submitting a fax to the fax server from a watched folder, a flag was not being set properly, causing repeated processing.

  • When an image was rotated in the Image Viewer, only the thumbnail was rotated, not the full image display.
  • Fixed some layout problems with the Incoming Fax Progress view.
  • Added the Email to Fax feature.

Snappy Fax Server Change Log

  • The option ‘Create Sub-folders by Modem’ when using FaxAge.  The “folder” is named according to the FaxAge fax number.  Useful when you have more than one fax number established with FaxAge.
  • Fixed the memory used displayed on the About window.
  • Software update notice email was not being sent if the update file had already been downloaded.
  • The ‘Set as Default’ folder popup menu option was enabled when right clicking on the Trash folder.  Fixed, as it be disabled because it is not allowed.
  • Fixed Access Violation when clicking on the modem status navigator item before the modem status list had been populated.


  • An outbox fax can now be resubmitted from the fax server itself.  Previously, if a job needed to be resubmitted fo the fax server it had to be done from the client that submitted the job originally.  There is a new button on the toolbar just above the outbox data grid for this.
  • Fixed a problem in the iFaxThread where a pointer was referenced before it was fetched, leading to an Access Violation.


Snappy Fax Lite Change Log


  • Fixed “<text> is not a valid integer value” error when configuring pop before smtp options in settings->email