Snappy Fax


For 20 years, businesses around the world have trusted Snappy Fax to automate fax processing, integrate with practice management systems and manage their fax documents.

Snappy Fax Tutorials

Video #1

This tutorial is a little over 4 minutes long and shows how to configure snappy fax’s email to fax feature and how to actually send an email to fax from Outlook.

Video #2

This is an excellent tutorial on sending a fax from snappy fax client using the fax server.  It shows how to submit a fax and what happens on the server side of the equation and how things tie together.  This is a “must watch” for fax server customers.

Video #3

This is a 2 part video showing how to configure your network client settings in the fax server and how to configure Snappy Fax Client for use with the Fax Server.

Video #4

This video will guide you through installing Multitech modem drivers.  You can download the drivers for your modem using the links below:


Video #5

This lesson demonstrates how to configure your fax modems in Snappy Fax Server

Video #6

Configuring Snappy Fax to work with PK Compounder Pharmacy Software.

Video #7

This tutorial addresses how to repair corrupt data files outside of Snappy Fax using dbsys.exe.

Video #8

Watch this clip to learn how to configure Snappy Fax Server to use internet fax server

Video #9

This clip is much like the previous clip but shows how to configure internet fax server in Snappy Fax Server

Video #10

How do you add a junk fax filter to reject unwanted faxes in Snappy Fax?  Watch this and learn how!

Video #11

This video tutorial will illustrate how to send a fax from another windows application.  In the video we send a fax from Microsoft Word.

Video #12

This tutorial shows how you can send a fax two different ways from Windows File Explorer.

Video #13

Here you will learn how to use the fax draft to create a compound document from different sources to send in one fax transmission.

Video #14

Watch and learn how to send a fax from your scanner.

Video #15

The Snappy Fax data grids are very powerful and flexible.  Watch and learn how you can organize your fax data in any way you want.

Video #16

Unlock the mystery of Snappy Fax’s “Folders”.

Video #17

This is a very short clip that shows how to empty the trash bin.

Video #18

How to apply your snappy fax license to Snappy Fax

Video #19

How to configure snappy fax to use FaxAge internet fax service and how to send a fax using FaxAge