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Technical Support Guidelines

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While no software is perfect, we are proud of the fact we never hear from 98% of those who purchase our software either before or after purchase. This, of course, means that for the vast majority of our users, no support is necessary.

Technical Support Policy:
  • Technical support is free during your evaluation of our software and for one year after purchasing a license. Each year an annual support/Maintenance license must be purchased to continue using the software, the support/maintenance license is approximately one-half of the original license cost. Your continued support will guarantee that we can continue improving the software by adding new features, fixing problems and making the software easier to use. Please feel free to suggest any feature you think would improve the software, we will be happy to give it careful consideration.
Technical Support Guidelines:
  • Tech support requests should be made by using the 'Technical Support' button on the 'Help & Support' ribbon tab (or menu item). This will guarantee that we have the latest configuration data from the software, which is vital to pursue your tech support request. If you do not have an internet connection on that computer, you can submit tech support requests via email to this might be the case where you are using the fax server software and the server computer is not connected to the internet. Please save the tech data from the 'Technical support' menu item to a file and attach to your email when sending from another computer.
  • When requesting support please explain in as much detail as possible what you are experiencing and the steps needed to reproduce the problem. If you receive an error message please quote the EXACT text of the error message. Telling us you received an error message without quoting the exact error message is a waste of time and serves no purpose. Please do not send a tech support request telling us 'the software isn't working' or other vague language, it will not help us resolve your issue. This only serves to require additional responses and an exchange of emails to get to the nature of the problem at hand. Our goal is the same as yours... resolve problems as quickly as possible!.
  • Before requesting technical support, please make certain that your modem is connected correctly to your phone system's wall jack. An internal modem has two jacks, one marked 'Line' the other marked 'Phone', the 'Line' jack should be connected to the wall jack with a standard telephone cord, make sure the phone cord is not damaged, replace it if in doubt. If the modem is connected to a splitter, power surge protector or anything other than the wall jack, remove them and connect directly to the wall jack in order to remove those as the possible problem. Power surge protectors that allow phone lines to be connected to them can and do introduce line noise, do not use them, regardless of what the phone company advises you. We have had Verizon customers with this exact problem, once they removed the phone line from the surge protector that Verizon advised them to purchase (from them), the line noise was resolved. We cannot diagnose hardware and equipment connection problems. If you are a novice at this, have a friend help you. Many times we receive support emails and after a lengthy exchange of emails, the user tells us "Oh... I found my modem had become unplugged". Please check equipment connections first, this is the number one cause of problems, either the connection is not correct, the user is trying to send a fax with a dsl modem (not possible) or the user has not configured the fax software for their modem.
  • Before requesting support, please check to see that you have the latest version of the software. In Snappy Fax Desktop/client use the 'Check for Updates' button on the 'Help & Support' ribbon tab to see if an update is available. In the fax server software, the status bar on the main window will show if an update is available.
  • When an unexpected error occurs in our software you will get a 'bug report' screen, this small screen has a few buttons on it, 'continue','restart','shutdown', etc. Most importantly it has a 'mail bug report' button. If you receive an unexpected bug report screen, please click the 'mail bug report' button to send in the diagnostics, it will email them to us. There is no point in your reporting to us that you received a bug report if you did not mail the diagnostics to us. Please do not repeatedly send in bug reports for errors that you have already reported. If we can reproduce the bug that you have reported then we will fix it as soon as it can be reproduced. Note that some bugs that do arise in the field cannot be reproduced here in development. In these cases we will try to provide a workaround.

    The bug report screen looks like this:

    Bug Report Screen


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