Need Fax for PK Compounder? Snappy Fax is Your Solution!

(Note: All references here to Snappy Fax Desktop or Snappy Fax Client or Snappy Fax Desktop/Client refer to Snappy Fax Desktop/Client Version 5)

What version of Snappy Fax do I need?

This depends on how you would answer the following questions:

  • Is your pharmacy on a local area computer network?
  • How many computers do you want to integrate with PK Compounder?
  • How many fax lines do you have?

If you have more than one fax line or you want to integrate more than one computer with PK Compounder, you will need Snappy Fax Server along with Snappy Fax Desktop/Client. Each computer on your network that needs PK Compounder integration will need to have Snappy Fax Desktop/Client installed. Snappy Fax Server cannot initiate an outbound fax, it only processes fax jobs that are submitted to it from Snappy Fax Client.

If you only want to integrate one computer with PK Compounder you will only need Snappy Fax Desktop/Client, there is no need for Snappy Fax Server. If you are on a network, but only need one computer integrated with PK Compounder, you only need Snappy Fax Desktop/Client.

I don’t have a fax modem, Do I need one?

Snappy Fax can send and receive faxes either by your fax modem or by internet fax services or If you don’t have a fax modem you will either need to install one or set up an account with either FaxAge or SRFax, they are very reliable and very inexpensive. Either of these services can import your existing fax number into their system. If you want to install a fax modem in your computer, please consider either of these two, these are the best fax modems on the market and the only ones we whole-heartedly recommend:

  • Multitech MT9234ZBA-USB-CDC-XR
  • Multitech MT9234MU-CDC-XR

Integrating Snappy Fax

Snappy Fax Desktop/Client has a feature referred to as “Watched Folders”. When this feature is configured, it continuously monitors the folders you have told it to “watch”. When a new file is created in a “watched” folder, it automatically processes the fax. If your environment requires Snappy Fax Server, “processes” means it is prepared and submitted to the Snappy Fax Server for transmission. If your environment does not call for Snappy Fax Server then it simply transmits the fax.

Files to be processed by the “watched folder” feature must be named in a strict manner so that Snappy Fax can parse the recipient name, fax number, fax subject and other information from the file name. PK Compounder knows what these file naming rules are and creates the files named in such a way that Snappy Fax can ascertain the needed information from the file name.

Configuring Snappy Fax for PK Compounder

Configuring Snappy Fax for integrating with PK Compounder is so very simple, in fact, the first time you run Snappy Fax an express setup wizard will guide you through a minimal setup procedure. One of the checkboxes on the very first page is “Configure Snappy Fax for use with PK Compounder Pharmacy Software”. Check that box and Snappy Fax does it for you. There are exactly two items that need to be configured in PK Compounder. There is a video on our tutorials page (Video #6) showing how to do that. Whether you need Fax Server and Fax Client or just Snappy Fax Desktop alone, the configuration for PK Compounder is the same.

Configuring Snappy Fax Server and Snappy Fax Desktop/Client

Video #3 on our tutorials page shows every aspect of configuring our fax server and client software. Configuration only takes a few minutes. Really! It’s that simple.